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RemAud Client

Connection and Codec Settings

RemAud Client

Once you have set up the Remote Audio Server, the Connection to the Remote Audio Server and the Client settings, you are ready to go and you can connect to the RemAud Server by clicking on the Connect button or by using the keyboard shortcut C. See the table of keyboard shortcuts below.

The connection status is shown in the upper right. It can be connected or disconnected but in case of problems it shows for example whether the connection was rejected or the server is not reachable. It shows you also if you are not registered at the server or if you have entered a wrong password.

The current average received (RX) audio and transmitted (TX) transfer rate is measured in kilobyte per second. The rate depends on the Codec settings sample rate, bits per second and number of channels. As explained before the average transfer volume is just the one of the audio stream. It does not include the volume needed by the IP transfer protocol. The overall volume will be much higher.

If the server settings allow that the server codec settings can be changed, your own codec settings request is sent to the server at connect time and negotiated with the server. If you are the first connected user the received audio stream will have the requested parameters. If you are the second connected user you will receive the audio stream with the same parameters the first user has requested.

The codec settings can always be changed at runtime - the software reconnects to the server and requests the new codec settings. Open the Client Audio settings dialog, make changes and click on OK. The reconnect is automatically done.

Transmitting Audio

It doesn't make any sense to send your own audio to the server when you are just listening to the remote radio. Transmission of your voice has to be enabled or toggled by clicking on the Microphone button or by using the shortcut key T or by using a foot switch. Transmission can always be aborted by using the shortcut key Esc.

You can use the VOX function of your transceiver to switch the transceiver from receive to transmit by voice or by the MOX function provided by your radio remote control software.

Another way is to key the PTT of your transceiver over a serial port on the server as defined in the Server Setup - PTT. RemAud Client will send a PTT signal to the server when you invoke the audio transmit function.

Channel Mixer

Mixer Channels

If you have a dual receive radio set your Codec settings to stereo. You will be able to listen to both receivers. You can swap receiver A and receiver B audio by clicking on the L and R buttons or by hitting the S (swap) key. The keyboard shortcuts for the left channel are L and R for the right channel.

Hit the keyboard shortcut B to switch back to both channels. Click on the Mute button or hit M to mute both channels.

There is also a audio volume slider in the lower left for your convenience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
B Listen to both audio source channels
C Connect to remote audio server
D Disconnect from remote audio server
E Echo test. Sends a tone to the server which is echoed back to measure round-trip latency.
L Listen to the left channel of the audio source
M Mute the audio volume
R Listen to the right channel of the audio source
S Swap left and right channel of the audio source
T Toggle transmit/sending your voice to the remote audio server
X Reconnect to remote audio server
Esc Abort sending voice
Alt+A About box
Alt+S Program settings

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