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The current DF3CB Radio Station - built in 1995 - is located in Munich, Germany, in a semi-industrial area. The station consists of a radio room and three towers. The towers are spread in a triangle over an area of some 10,000 square meters - each some 70m apart. More than one kilometer of coax and control cables is used to connect the antennas to the shack.

Despite the city location I am rather lucky with the QRM situation. There is hardly any noise from 80m to 6m. On 160m however there is a continuous noise level. There is unfortunately no room for beverage antennas.

The DF3CB station is optimized for SO2R (Single Op Two Radio) and Multi Single/Multi Two Operation. We use a Yaesu FT DX 5000, a Yaesu FT-2000 and two ACOM 2000A automatic amplifiers. Both stations share a common set of antennas and can be run independently from each other with the help of two Dunestar 600 bandpass filters.

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