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Antenna Switching and Controllers

At DF3CB we have nine antennas that need to be switched and connected to two radios. Besides that the tribander can be combined with the monoband yagis on 20m, 15m and 10m. The perfect solution turned out to be the microHAM Double Ten Switch and the microHAM Stack Switch. They are installed in the shack.

mircoHAM Antenna Switches

mircoHAM Antenna Switches

Antenna Controllers

mircoHAM Antenna Controllers

All antennas except for the KT34XA tribander and the 6m Yagi are switched by two microHAM Station Master controllers. They get the band information from the microHAM Keyer II radio interfaces. The KT34XA tribander is either selected or added to a stack with the 20m, 15m and 10m monoband yagis with the microHAM Stack Max.

With the above setup the right operator can transmit on two antennas while the left operator can choose any other of the available antennas. Alternatively the left operater can alter between his antenna and the tribander.