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Bernd, born in 1962, is living near Munich, Germany. I began ham radio in 1974 at age 12 as SWL with the support of my parents (DF3CP and DL1MAO). Since 1977 licensed as DF3CB. Also licensed as N3GER (ex AL7MQ). I am working as ERP application software developer.


My main radio interests are DXing (DXCC, DXCC Challenge, WAZ and WAS awards) on 160m through 10m plus 6 Meters, 60 Meters and Contesting, although retired from contesting meanwhile. I have all DXCC entities confirmed on Mixed and Phone, need only P5 as my last one on CW, three more entities on RTTY.



Software author of


My current radio station is located in a semi-industrial area - half an hour from home. The place is rented and it was an unique opportunity to get it. The station consists of a radio room and three towers with different yagis. The towers are spread over an area of some 10,000 square meters and more than one kilometer of coax and control cables is used to connect the antennas to the shack. The station is optimized for Multi-Single and SO2R contest operation.