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Client Setup - Remote Connections

Only registered users can connect to a RemAud server. The access is user- and password-protected. See Server Setup - Remote Users.

Settings remote connections

Give the connection a Name, it can be any name.

Settings remote connections

URL (IP address) is the publicly accessible address of the remote audio server. It can be a DNS name or an IP address. Also set the Port the remote audio server is listening on for connections (see Server Setup - Port). You should not use ports below 1024.

User name and Password are assigned to you by the administrator of the remote audio server.

Settings edit remote connection

You can easily test a client server setup on the same computer by starting the server and client. Set "localhost" or IP address "" in the client for testing. You will hear your own voice and some kind of audio loopback.

You can let the client automatically connect to a remote server by adding the parameter -c and the name of the connection in the command line.


RemAudClient.exe -c DF3CB (RemAud starts with DF3CB connection setting)

RemAudClient.exe -c localhost (RemAud starts with localhost connection setting)

-c stands for "connection".

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