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Server Setup - Push-to-talk (PTT)

RemAud Server can key your transceiver for transmit and receive switching using a serial port as an alternative for using using the transceivers's VOX or MOX. You will need a little interface with an opto-isolator between your transceiver PTT jack and the serial port of your server computer. PTT is keyed using the RTS line of the COM port. DTR can be used alternatively.

Settings Server PTT

Select the right COM port of your PTT interface and set the RTS (or DTR) dropdown to PTT. The state of the other pin can be set to Always OFF (default) or Always ON which takes effect when the COM port is opened.

Note: PTT must be enabled on the client side as well. See Client Setup - General.

A PTT Tail Time sets the tail time in 10 ms increments (up to 3 seconds). This value reflects the amount of time that the PTT line will be held after audio transmission stops. Set the value to 0 if you do not want to have a PTT Tail Time.

You can set a PTT Timeout (in seconds) for security reasons. If this timeout will be exceeded, the transceiver is automatically switched back from transmit to receive. Set PTT Timeout to 0 if you want to have none.

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