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RemAud - Remote Audio Software

Client Setup - PTT / Foot Switch

You can transmit your voice audio and send it to the RemAud Server by using the shortcut key T or by clicking on the Transmit button. An alternative is for example to use a foot switch connected to a serial port. A serial port can be chosen here to be able to use a foot switch or similiar devices to transmit your voice audio to the RemAud Server.

Settings client PTT / Foot Switch

The CTS, DCD, DSR or RING pins of a serial port can be used. Note: The COM port assigned here for the foot switch can be shared with other applications, but sharing is not recommended unless it is specifically supported by the application. Many applications use the control lines (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR) for handshaking or to apply a fixed level. The state of the signal on the port can be inverted by checking the invert box.

The other method is DSR and DTR which is compatible with N1MM Logger. Connect a 10k resistor between pin 6 and pin 7. Set DTR, pin 4 to "Always On", RTS, pin 7 to "Always Off" and DSR, pin 6 to "PTT". Connect the foot switch between pin 4 and pin 6. The foot switch must not be referenced or connected to ground.

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