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FTDXRC - CAT and Remote Control Software for Yaesu FT DX 5000, FT-2000, FT-950

DX Spots

DX Cluster

All DX Spots received in the DX Cluster Tab are also shown in the DX Spots Tab and in the Band Map. However, they can be filtered here. The spots can be filtered either by bands, modes, continents, wanted spots and all combinations of these. Simply click on the buttons on the top of the tab.

There is a dropdown for the wanted spots (displayed in yellow) as defined in the Wanted DX Spots Settings.

You can filter out DX spots from your own country when you click on the Ctry button. This option can be useful in particular for US stations; otherwise Caribbean spots canget lost. for example.

DX Cluster spots are shown in different colors depending on whether you have worked a station or not and other options. An incoming spot is always checked against your log.

Color Legend You can insert your own spots (higlighted in white) into the DX Spots Tab and Band Map by entering a call sign into the Log Window and by hitting Ctrl+Enter. The exact Frequency A and B and Split status are stored and can be recalled (as for all other spots) by either double-clicking on a spot or by single-clicking on a spot and hitting the Enter key.

DX spots can be cleared automatically from the DX Spots Tab after a certain lifetime (in minutes) that can be set in the DX Spots Options of the Settings. The spots are not automatically cleared if you set the lifetime to 0.

Further Options

Right click options Double-clicking a spot or single-clicking on a spot and hitting the Enter key sets the Transceiver to the frequency of the spot and it inserts the DX call sign of the spot into the Log Window. Same when you right-click on the spot and choose the first option Put spot into low window.

If you do not want to insert the call sign of the spot into your Log Window but want to set your transceiver's frequency VFO A or B then choose the Send frequency options.

Too many Spots and Cluster Trash

Clear spotsThere are nowadays too many DX Cluster spots that most other users do not want to see because there are too many of them or they are simply trash. Or you want see only real DX spots.

Unwanted spots can always be removed by selecting a line and hitting the Delete key in the DX Spots Tab. If you hit Ctrl+Delete, they are also removed from the Band Map. Keep the Delete key pressed to remove a consecutive number of rows.

Besides that the DX Spots Tab offers other Clear options and intelligent Clear options against unintelligent cluster spots. These options are available by clicking on the Clear button in the upper right.

None-rare country spots are spots for countries with a very high ham radio population like DL, G, I, EA. Worthless spots however are those spots containing "bad" words in the comment. These are usually spots from fellows who do not feel well unless they send at least two dozen cluster spots a day or who are suffering from Clusterphobia. These spots follow a certain pattern and there is an algorithm implemented in FTDXRC to successfully recognize these bad spots and to bin them.