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FTDXRC - CAT and Remote Control Software for Yaesu FT DX 5000, FT-2000, FT-950

DX Cluster Menu

FTDXRC DX Cluster Menu

You can connect to a DX Telnet Cluster as long as you have registered one in the DX Cluster Settings. All spots are shown in the DX Cluster Tab. You have many options to filter out certain DX spots. See the chapter Settings > DX Cluster Options. New DX spots are always added to the Band Map and the DX Spots Tab.

Use shortcut Alt+T to send a command to the DX Cluster or Alt+F3 to send a DX spot to the DX Cluster (frequency is taken from the transceiver and the call sign from the Log Window). A history of the last commands is kept in the dropdown of the DX Cluster command line. Three Command Buttons are available for frequently used cluster commands. See Settings > DX Cluster Options.

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