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You can play CW and/or Voice Messages - either using the FT-2000 playback functions or using external devices. K1EL WinKey is supported for CW messages and the microHAM Router software for Digital Voice Keyer messages (DVK).

CW and DVK Messages

Messages Menu

If you have a K1EL WinKey or microHAM Keyer configured you can send CW and/or DVK message buffers. See the chapters Operating CW and DVK. It's recommended to learn the keyboard shortcuts and to use them for flawless CW operating; they are the same as in Win-Test.

Command Shortcut   Command Shortcut
CW Message 1 F1   Set CW Message 1 Shift+F1
CW Message 2 F2   Set CW Message 2 Shift+F2
CW Message 3 F3   Set CW Message 3 Shift+F3
CW Message 4 F4   Set CW Message 4 Shift+F4
CW Message 5 F5   Set CW Message 5 Shift+F5
CW Message 6 F6   Set CW Message 6 Shift+F6
CW Message 7 F7   Set CW Message 7 Shift+F7
CW Message 8 F8   Set CW Message 8 Shift+F8
CW Message 9 F9   Set CW Message 9 Shift+F9
CW Message after INS key INS   Set INS Message Shift+INS
CW Message after ADD (+) key ADD (+)   Set ADD Message Shift++
Abort Transmission Escape      

When you change mode the captions of the message buffers change as well and the right device is keyed. DVK message buffers 1 through 9 are also assigned to function keys F1 through F9. Playing a message can also be aborted by hitting the Escape key.

FT-2000 Message Playback

The keyboard shortcut keys for the FT-2000 Message Playback Channels for both CW and Voice are Ctrl+F1 through Ctrl+F5. The captions can be set in the Settings.

Command Shortcut
Playback Channel 1 Ctrl+F1
Playback Channel 2 Ctrl+F2
Playback Channel 3 Ctrl+F3
Playback Channel 4 Ctrl+F4

If you prefer to click on buttons open the floating Playback Channels panel. It stays on top of all other applications until you close it again.

Playback panel

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