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FTDXRC - CAT and Remote Control Software for Yaesu FT DX 5000, FT-2000, FT-950

Digital Voice Keyer (DVK)

DVK Messages FTDXRC supports playing Digital Voice Keyer Messages of the microHAM Keyers/Router software. Be sure to read the DVK Setup Chapter.

If FTDXRC runs locally or as server it tries to connect to the mircoHAM Router through the Router Control COM port. It then reads the nine message names of the voice message bank that is currently set. The message names are displayed as captions in the Messages Window - if your FT-2000 is set to a phone/voice mode. If you change to CW or to a digital mode the message buttons are disabled. The nine message buffers are assigned to function key F1 to F9. Hit Escape to immediately abort sending the message.

Same if you operate remote. You can play the remote base server voice messages from the client application. The message names are automatically requested from the server at the time of connect.

There can be one difference. If the audio of the voice message buffers is not transfered by your remote audio/VoIP software during transmission but you want to hear them, there is one trick. The message buffers are Wave audio files located in a certain folder of the microHAM Router installation. Copy these files from your remote server computer into any folder on your home/client computer. Set this folder in the DVK Setup and you can listen to the sounds during transmission!


Command Shortcut
Play DVK Message 1 F1
Play DVK Message 2 F2
Play DVK Message 3 F3
Play DVK Message 4 F4
Play DVK Message 5 F5
Play DVK Message 6 F6
Play DVK Message 7 F7
Play DVK Message 8 F8
Play DVK Message 9 F9
Abort Playing Message Escape


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