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K1EL WinKey

If you are using a K1EL WinKeyer or a microHAM Keyer and FTDXRC is running local or as remote base server, you can connect and use your K1EL WinKey by setting the right COM Port. Baud rate and all other serial port parameters are set internally.

Setup Remote Server

There are a handful of WinKey parameters that can be set here and only if this instance of FTDXRC is running local. These options cannot be changed from remote.

The CW speed range can be defined here with the Min WPM and Max WPM values. The CW speed can be changed at any time, even during transmission.

In either iambic Keyer Mode, alternating dits and dahs are sent while both paddles are held closed. In mode B, an extra alternate dit or dah is sent after both paddles are released. In Ultimatic mode, when both paddles are pressed, the keyer will send a continuous stream of whichever paddle was last pressed.

Swap Paddle is a nice feature to have when right and left handed ops want to share the same keyer.

Here is how Auto Space works: If you pause for more than one dit time between a dit or dah WinKey will interpret this as a letter-space and will not send the next dit or dah until full letter-space time has been met. The normal letter-space is 3 dit spaces. WinKey has a paddle event memory so that you can enter dits or dahs during the inter-letter space and WinKey will send them as they were entered. With a little practice, autospace will help you to send near perfect Morse

Winkey supports Contest spacing which reduces the wordspace time by one dit. Instead of 7 dits per wordspace, Contest spacing selects six dits per wordspace

The CW message speed and paddle speed can be synchronized or not. This means the paddle speed can be another than the CW message speed. You have three options; the last one is not recommended for remote operation.

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