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FTDXRC - CAT and Remote Control Software for Yaesu FT DX 5000, FT-2000, FT-950

Remote Connections

If your installation is running as Remote Client you need to specify the access parameters to the Remote Base Server(s).

Setup Remote Server

Give the connection a Name, it can be any name.

Edit Remote Base Settings

URL (IP address) is the publicly accessible address of the remote base server. It can be a DNS name or an IP address. Also set the Port the remote base server is listening on for connections and requests.

User name and Password are assigned to you by the administrator of the remote base server.

The Audio Port is the port of the FTDXRC Audio Server. See next page Remote Audio Server. This audio port must be another port than the one above!

You can easily test a client server setup on the same computer by installing the application twice, each in a different program folder. Set one application type to Server, the other to Client. Set "localhost" or IP address "" here for testing:

Edit Remote Base Settings

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