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Remote Connection Monitor

When running the software as Remote Client, timestamps are sent to the server once every second, sent back (answered/echoed) by the server and received and evaluated by the client. The time needed for a round-trip communication packet over the internet can be approximately determined and shown in the Remote Connection Monitor scope. Approximately, because the measured time includes CPU processing time at the server and the client. Most of the latency is caused on your own computer and not on the internet connection.

Remote Connection Monitor

The scope gives you a good overview how good your connection is and how well processing is done on the computer. The timestamps also indicate whether the internet connection is still alive. The IP protocol was designed so that you not immediately notice when it breaks.

You might watch longer response times in the evenings when everybody is home and on the internet. You will also watch short peaks once every few seconds. Most of them are however caused on your own computer.

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