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YAESU Rotators

If you have a YAESU Rotator connected to your YAESU HF Transceiver (refer to your operating manual), you can control it through FTDXRC, also remote. Open the YAESU Rotator sub window through the YAESU Rotator menu item under the Window menu.

However, the command set to control a YAESU Rotator is very, very limited by the CAT protocol.

All you can do is to turn the rotator Clockwise (right turn), CounterClockwise (left turn), Stop turning, to Decrease the rotator Speed (by 1% with each click) or to Increase the Speed (by 1% with each click). The maximum speed is 100%.

The current direction and speed are shown in this little window.

There are two options to turn the rotator.

Rotator Panel  

Push and Hold Buttons not checked

You have three buttons - Left, Stop and Right.
Push the Left or Right button once to start turning the rotator.
Stop turning by pushing the Stop button once.


Rotator Panel  

Push and Hold Buttons is checked

You have two buttons - Left and Right. Push the Left or Right button to start turning the rotator and keep the mouse button pressed. Release the mouse button to Stop turning the rotator.

Technical note: The YAESU Rotator CAT command is no "Auto Information" CAT command. Therefore the Rotator status is polled once every second as long as the YAESU Rotator sub-window is open.

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