Development on this software is discontinued. There will be no more future releases of this software.

Terms of use

Alpha 87A Control Software is freeware. Alpha 87A Remote Control Software is provided "as is". I will not give any support in any form and I do not answer any requests. If you agree on that you may download, install and use Alpha 87A Remote Control Software.

Legal disclaimer: The author of this software cannot be liable for any damage to your amplifier under any circumstances.

System Requirements


The last version of Alpha 87A Remote Control Software is 2.0.0 dated July 2012. Your Alpha 87A can now be remote-controlled over an TCP connection with Version 2.


Click here to download the installer of the latest version


Be sure to set the COM Port your Alpha 87A is connected to after you run Alpha 87A Remote Control Software for the first time. Please read the entire Online Documentation.

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