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Alpha 87A Remote Control Software

Development of this software has ended. There will be no future versions of this software.

Alpha 87A Remote Control Software

The automatic microprocessor-controlled Alpha 87A is not built anymore but it has good successors (see RF Concepts website). The 87A is a very reliable and robust amplifier, I have it in use since 1994. It provides remote access to all front panel functions plus other standard control and diagnostic functions through it's RS-232 digital communications port. One day I decided to write my own software to be able to control the Alpha 87A.

The Alpha 87A can be controlled over the internet using a TCP connection with version 2 of this software. You need one instance of the application on your remote station and one as client on a local or your home computer.

Screenshot Alpha 87A Remote Control Software

The Alpha 87A command protocol offers a full set to completely control the amplifier - including switching it on and off. However the amplifier status has to be polled. The software calculates the VSWR and displays it on the bottom panel as well as the Operating Frequency, Reflected Power, Grid Current, Peak Power and Input Power.

When you power-on the amplifier, a gauge is displayed showing the remaining warm-up time. If any fault should happen, the Amplifier Fault is reported and shown in the bottom panel of the software.

The software has two sub panels (Alpha 87A Panel and Compact panel) and three different display modes. You can choose to display only the upper panel :

Or you can choose the Compact mode where all needed information is shown in a small window:

Alpha 87A Remote Control Software Compact Mode

Alpha 87A Control Software is freeware and you can download it here. Be sure to read the entire Online Documentation.