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Installation of a I0JXX 6m 7 element

These are pictures of the installation of my second 6m antenna - a I0JXX 7 element 6m antenna on a 10m boom. After having a M² 5 element for many years I wanted to have an antenna with a longer boom. Well, this antenna was the wrong decision. It became a 6 element antenna after the first storm and I lost another half element a little later. In addition to that I've always had a very bad VSWR and we never could adjust it. It was finally time to install a new 6m antenna in 2011.

The I0JXX was installed in July 2007 with the help of DJ2MX, DK4WA, DK4YJ, DK5TX and DL6RAI and a hydraulic truck lift. The antenna was assembled at ground, lifted in one piece to the tower top and mounted over the 40m/20m yagi.

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