Fast Log Entry (FLE)

August 30, 2016: FLE 2.8 is available supporting the SOTA program.

Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a text editor and logger to enter QSO data as easy and fast as possible without redundancy, either in real-time or off-line. This tool is useful if you couldn't bring a logging computer on your DXpedition or if you need a simple but efficient logger.

FLE consists of two main panels - a text editor with customizable context-sensitive highlighting and a QSO data grid. The grid shows the completed QSO records, they can be saved as ADIF file (Amateur Data Interchange Format) or in Cabrillo format.

FLE Screenshot

Some of the FLE Features are:

  • Regular logging
  • Contest logging
  • WWFF logging (World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio Program)
  • SOTA logging (Summits on the Air)
  • Contest logging with consecutive serial numbers
  • Off-line or real-time logging
  • Interpolation of log times
  • ...and more
WWFF Logo   SOTA Logo
  external link WWFF   external link Summits on the Air


Click here to read a step-by-step introduction into Fast Log Entry.


FLE is a 32-bit Windows freeware application and runs under Windows© XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. FLE has been reported to work properly on Linux using Wine

Click here to download the installer of the current version 2.8 (Aug 30, 2016)


If you enjoy using FLE please consider to make a donation to support this project.

Change History

FLE 2.8 (Aug 30, 2016)

FLE 2.7 (Aug 28, 2016)

FLE 2.6 (Apr 24, 2016)

FLE 2.5 (Apr 23, 2016)

FLE 2.4 (Apr 10, 2016)

FLE 2.3 (Feb 18, 2016)

FLE 2.2 (Feb 17, 2016)