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NETIO-230B Control Software

Koukaam NETIO-230B IP Power Switch

The Koukamm NETIO-230B is a very reliable network device that allows the control of external devices connected to its 230 V outputs through the network.

The NETIO-230B supports the Telnet protocol and I have developed a control software to be able to switch on and off any or all of the four outputs over the Internet.

NETIO-230B Control Software

This is the standard screen. There is an automatic timeout of one minute after the connection. The connection is disconnected then but you can connect any time again.   The Telnet command protocol can be watched after expanding the program window or after clicking on the <> button. NETIO Telnet commands can be entered in the edit control.

Connections and Setup

Up to 20 connections to 20 different NETIO-230B IP Power Switches can be registered in the Connections dialog. The active connection must be cheked. Click on the New Host button to enter a new connection:

You can give the connection a name. Register the connection parameters to your NETIO-230B: host, port, user name and password. Port 1234 is used by default but that can or should be changed to another port in the NETIO-230B web browser setup. Label all of the four outputs to your needs.


The NETIO-230B Control software runs under Windows© 7, 8 and 10.
The current version is 1.2 dated November 2013.
Click here to download the installer of the latest NETIO-230B Control version.