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Terms of use

FT2000RC is freeware. FT2000RC is provided "as is". I will not give any support in any form. I read your mails and suggestions but I usually do not answer any requests. If you agree on that you may download, install and use FT2000RC.

Legal disclaimer: The FT-2000 and this software are in daily use at the software author. The author of this software cannot be liable for any damage to your transceiver under any circumstances.

System Requirements


The current version of FT2000RC is 2.8 dated June 12, 2019. See the Release Notes for more information.


Click here to download the installer of the current version 2.8 (June 12, 2019)
If you run FT2000RC in a client-server-environment be sure to update both client and server.


FT2000RC was originally designed only for the FT-2000. The CAT commands are rather similiar with other YAESU HF transceivers so I decided to develop also a user interface for the FT-950 and FT DX 5000 (which has been pretty much work!). I have no FT-950 and had to develop the interface without being able to test it with a real radio. E-mail me if something shouldn't work as expected (my e-mail address is on QRZ.com). Again, I have no FT-950 at hand and I am doing this for you. If you are using the software and find it useful please consider a donation to this project.

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Be sure to setup FT2000RC correctly after the first installation and read the online documentation.