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FT2000RC Download

June 2020: FT2000RC YAESU CAT & Remote Control is now available as 64-bit application and renamed to FTDXRC.
Please check out df3cb.com/ftdxrc/.
Development of 32-bit FT2000RC is discontinued. Last available version is 2.8. See below.

Terms of use

FT2000RC is freeware. FT2000RC is provided "as is". I will not give any support in any form. I read your mails and suggestions but I never do answer any support requests. If you agree on that you may download, install and use FT2000RC.

Legal disclaimer: This software is in daily use at the software author. The author of this software cannot be liable for any damage to your transceiver under any circumstances.

System Requirements


The current version of FT2000RC is 2.8 dated June 12, 2019. See the Release Notes for more information.


Click here to download the installer of the current version 2.8 (June 12, 2019).