FT2000RC Documentation

The FT2000RC Documentation is only available online on these pages.

Using the software is pretty easy and intuitive. You should nevertheless carefully read all documentation pages here especially when you intend to control your FT-2000 over the internet.

Legal disclaimer: The FT-2000 and this software are in daily use at the software author. The author of this software cannot be liable for any damage to your transceiver under any circumstances.


General General | Radio COM Port
Remote Server Port | Users
Remote Client Remote Connections
Remote Audio Server Port | PTT | Devices | Codecs | Audio Buffers
Remote Audio Client General | Devices | Codecs | Audio Buffers
DX Cluster DX Cluster | DX Cluster Options | DX Spots Options | Wanted DX Spots | Band Map | Band Plan
CW K1EL WinKey | CW Sidetone | CW Messages I | CW Messages II
Log Book QRZ.COM
Devices FlexControl™ Tuning Knob | microHAM DVK | microHAM FSK
Playback Channels Playback Channels


User Interfaces FT-2000 | FT-950 | FT DX 5000
Program Menu File | Controls | Tuning | CW Keyboard | Messages | Log | DX Cluster | Window | Help
Operating FT2000RC Tuning the radio | Changing bands | Operating CW | Operating RTTY | Digital Voice Keyer
Transceiver Settings Transceiver Menu | Parametric Microphone Equalizer
DX Cluster DX Cluster | DX Spots | Band Map
Logging Logging
Remote Operation Server Setup | Remote Audio | Remote Connection Monitor


Rotators YAESU Rotators
Tuning Devices FlexControl Tuning Knob | External Scrolling Devices


References Keyboard Shortcuts | Supported CAT Commands | Supported ADIF fields | Data Files and Folders