Bavarian TV (Bayerisches Fernsehen) brought a report about Amateur Radio in "Freizeit-Magazin" on March 18, 1999. They show reports about all kind of more or less strange hobbies every two weeks and this time the strangest of all - Amateur Radio.

The TV Team has filmed Pater Lambert DK4RS in the Ettal Monastery (located in the beautiful Alpine Mountains), who showed his JY1 QSL, DF3CB's DX and Contest station, DK3YD showed his QRP homemade Transceiver, they demonstrated Amateur Televison (ATV) at DL2GA and finally showed the VHF/UHF Contest Station DKØOG in East Bavaria.

"Shouldn't we better take the car to see all the towers?"
"Come on Heike, let's walk!"

"Hmmmm, does this tower really need to be that high?",
"Oh YES, of course! It helps quite a lot!" 

"And you have ALL countries confirmed?"
"Yes, except North Korea... but one day - I'll get it!" (watch my collection of some 15,000 former UB5 Ukraine QSL cards in the shoe boxes)

"Wow, all these little knobs on the radio"
"I don't know the function of all of them. It's simply too many...";

"I better should have slept a little more last night..." (see the rings under my eyes, but that's typical for a DXer)

"KB2N DF3CB - you are 59 in Munich and my name is Bernd and - to make you a little nervous - a few 100,000 people are watching this on TV right now"

"Wow, not bad - I like it!"

The recordings took 5 hours and resulted in some 5 minutes TV time. The positive side effect is that I had to clean my shack (which took MUCH longer of course) and this is documented for ever now. A real ham shack needs a certain amount of mess and I am now waiting for the mess to return (it automatically comes back - I've given up to fight against it).