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Amplifier Menu

Amplifier menu

You can control the amplifier (for example switching it on and off, changing bands etc.) by clicking on the buttons in the upper software panel and/or by using the Amplifier Menu. Note: the Auto Tune function works only if you have the AlphaMAX™ Firmware upgrade installed.

The Alpha 87A has seven amplifier states. The amplifier state is always shown in the lower panel of the software.

State Description
None The amplifier is not available. This can have several reasons. The power cord is not connected, a main amplifier fuse is blown, the RS232 serial port cable is not connected, a wrong COM port was selected or a wrong baud rate.
Off The amplifier is available but off.
PowerOn The amplifier was just switched on an runs through the Power-On sequence. This takes a few seconds.
WarmUp The amplifiier warms up for almost three minutes. The remaining warm-up time is shown in the lower panel of the software.
On The amplifier reports an On state after the warm-up.
Standby The ampliier is operating but it is in Standby mode.
Operate The amplifier is operating and in Operate mode.

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