2010 DXpedition to Raivavae Island (OC-114), Austral Islands

German ops DL1AWI, Wulf; DL3APO, Peter; and DL5XU, Mat; are heading to Raivavae Island (OC-114), Austral Islands.  They will be operating as FO/DL3APO and as TX3D starting Jan 23 from the northern side of the island, with big mountains to their south, so no longpath to Europe.  Plans are to begin activity on January 18th and finish on February 5, 2010.
They will be on all bands with a special emphasis on the low bands (1.8-10 MHz) using verticals and on the higher bands using loop antennas.  For the verticals they will have an 18 meter high Spider mast and two 12 meter Spider masts.  For receiving antennas on the low bands they will have two mag loops with a preamplifier, as they will not have room for Beverages.  Plans are to have two FT-847's and a back up IC706, as well as on Dentron Clipperton L amplifier and on Expert 1K FA amp.
Please check the team's website for news updates at dl9awi.de/FO.htm. The team has access to the Internet from a near by village only so the log updates might take a while.

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Last QSO in the Online Log: Feb 4, 2010 16:46 UTC (TX3D)
Last QSO in the Online Log: Jan 22, 2010 15:53 UTC (FO/DL3APO)

You can QSL via the bureau or direct to the operators CBA.  Direct QSLs must have one IRC (new) or two US $ in order to cover the postage.
Wolfgang Ziegler
Arno-Schlothauer-Str. 15
99842 Ruhla
Peter Kohde
Am Kalten Born 18
04435 Schkeuditz