DX Cluster - DX Spots Options

There are nowadays too many DX Cluster spots that many users do not want to see because there are too many of them or they are simply trash. Or you want see only real DX spots. The DX Spots Tab offers intelligent clear options against unintelligent cluster spots. Some of these Clear functions can be automized by checking the checkboxes below. More information in the DX Spots Tab chapter.

Setup Remote Server

DX Cluster spots are shown in different colors depending on whether you have worked a station or not and other options. An incoming spot is always checked against your log. The log search is based on the Band Plan and whether you want just the band checked against the log or against band and mode. Check the Search Log option above accordingly.

There is another option to show all spots, only spots outside of your own continent or only spots outside of your own country. The third option can be useful in particular for US stations who do not want to have US spots shown in the DX Cluster Tab.

DX spots are removed automatically from the DX Spots Tab after a certain lifetime that can be set here in minutes. The spots are not automatically cleared if you set the lifetime to 0.

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