Devices - microHAM Router and Digital Voice Keyer

FT2000RC supports playing the Digital Voice Keyer Messages of the microHAM Router software. More about that on the DVK Page of the Operating chapter.

Settings Digital Voice Keyer

If the application is running local or as Remote Server you can specify the Control COM Port of your microHAM Keyer to use the Router DVK (Digital Voice Keyer). The Control COM has to be defined in the Ports tab of your microHAM Router software in order to be able to play the Router DVK messages:   If the application is running as Remote Client you can play the message sounds locally if they are not transferred over the remote audio connection. Set a message folder which contains (a local copy of) the DVK message wave files (msg1.wav to msg9.wav). You find the messages folder in the DVK tab of your microHAM Router software:

Router Ports

  Router DVK

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