Program Setup

Before you start doing anything setup FT2000RC correctly using the Settings in the File menu.

General   General | Radio COM Port
Remote Server   Port | Users
Remote Client   Remote Connections
Remote Audio Server   Port | PTT | Devices | Codecs | Audio Buffers
Remote Audio Client   General | Devices | Codecs | Audio Buffers
DX Cluster   DX Cluster | DX Cluster Options | DX Spots Options | Wanted DX Spots | Band Map | Band Plan
CW   K1EL WinKey | CW Sidetone | CW Messages I | CW Messages II
Log Book   QRZ.COM
Devices   DJ Controller | FlexControl™ Tuning Knob | microHAM DVK | microHAM FSK
Playback Channels   Playback Channels

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