Server Setup

FT2000RC Server

If you run a client server remote control setup with your YAESU Transceiver, you should use the FT2000RCServer application on the remote base side. FT2000RCServer comes with the installation setup program. You should create a link to FT2000RCServer.exe in the Autostart folder of your Windows system so that the program is started automatically at each computer start.

FT2000RCServer has just a small user interface taking less resources and lower latency. It shows you only the most important parameters of the server state, frequencies, mode and power, WinKey, DVK and the connected users.

To set up FT2000RCServer, start FT2000RC, open the Settings and select the Remote Server form to set a TCP port on which FT2000RCServer is listening for incoming connects. Then give one or more users access to your FT-2000 Remote Server in the Remote Users form. Close FT2000RC and start FT2000RCServer.

Finally, open the port you have just assigned to the FT2000RC Server (for example 12765 as shown in the left image and 4000 for the audio port) for the TCP protocol in your Router and redirect incoming connects to the IP address of your remote base computer. This is called Port Mapping in most routers.

You might also need to open the same TCP port in the firewall software on your remote base computer.

Ready to go, try to connect your FT2000RC Server!




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