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Connect to Remote Server

If an instance of FT2000RC is set as client and if you have registered the necessary remote base access parameters you can connect to a FT2000RC remote server. The connect usually takes a second or less. The server verifies your user name (call sign) and password at the time of the connect and let's you login if the administrator of the server has granted you access and if the password is correct. Otherwise the remote server disconnects you immediately.

As soon as you have access and the logon was verified, the caption of the menu item changes to Disconnect from Remote Server. You can disconnect any time and close the session. The connection status can be seen in the bottom status bar of the application.

After a successful connect the application automatically requests all YAESU transceiver CAT, WinKey and DVK and parameters. You will notice how all controls are updated within a few seconds. You are ready to go instantly.


All software settings are described in detail in the Setup Chapter.

Transceiver Menu

All FT-2000 menu entries can be set - even remote. Read the Transceiver Menu chapter for more information. Currently only for the FT-2000 but not for the FT-950 and FT DX 5000.

Parametric Microphone Equalizer

You can easily set the SSB Bandwidth in the Equalizer screen as well as the Microphone Equalizer supported by a graphical scope. This is currently not available for the FT-950 and FT DX 5000.


Shortcut Alt+X

When you close the application

So you don't need to care about anything.

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