User Interfaces - YAESU FT DX 5000

FT2000RC was originally designed only for the FT-2000. The CAT commands are rather similiar with other YAESU HF transceivers so I decided to develop also a user interface for the FT-950 and FT DX 5000 (which has been pretty much work!). I have no FT DX 5000 and had to develop the interface without being able to test it with a real radio. E-mail me if something shouldn't work as expected (my e-mail address is on

User Interface FT DX 5000

Note: The Parametric Microphone Equalizer function and the Transceiver Menu function are not yet available for the FT DX 5000 in FT2000RC. The Notch, Contour, DNR and VRF/µ-Tune slider bars are only available for Main Receiver A. The values for Receiver B can be controlled over the knob below Sub Display B.

Open issues

Class A Button
The "Class A" button toggles the indicator on the client and server individually, the client and server will activate "Class A" on the radio, but neither client or server well deactivate "Class A" on the radio.
CLAR/GRP – BAND/MCH – A/B Button group
None of these buttons seem to indicate which of the radio buttons is selected, or control the radio from server or client.
VFO A DSP buttons
Shift and Width buttons don’t control radio or reflect the radio settings . Nor does client and server control reflect what each other are doing. DNR and DNF buttons work fine and control the radio.
VFO B DSP buttons
None of these seem to work, either between client and server or to the radio. DNR and DNF buttons work fine and control the radio.
On rx the meter on server and client works as an S Meter, but on tx the meter does not indicate on any of the meter positions, the meter switch responds on both Client and server and controls what meter function the meter reads on the transceiver, just no indications on either client or server.
VRF Button
The VRF button doesn't light up when activated.

Thanks to G4FQI and OE1DIA for the observations.

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