User Interfaces - YAESU FT-950

FT2000RC was originally designed only for the FT-2000. The CAT commands are rather similiar with other YAESU HF transceivers so I decided to develop also a user interface for the FT-950 and FT DX 5000 (which has been pretty much work!). I have no FT-950 and had to develop the interface without being able to test it with a real radio. E-mail me if something shouldn't work as expected (my e-mail address is on on

FT-950 User Interface

FT2000RC offers a number of advantages for the FT-950, for example the direct Power Control, Auto Notch or DNR buttons and Playback buttons plus better control over the VFO B frequency.

Note: The Parametric Microphone Equalizer function and the Transceiver Menu function are not yet available for the FT-950 in FT2000RC.

Open issues

Most open issues on the FT-950 control were fixed with FT2000RC V 2.5. Known open issues are:

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