Numark DJ2GO Controller

The Numark DJ2GO portable DJ controller is supported by FT2000RC. It's a great accessory to tune the VFOs and other controls. The DJ2GO functions as MIDI controller. It is USB-bus powered and no extra power is needed. You need only one USB cable. The MIDI device has to be chosen in Settings.

DJ2GO Controller

The buttons, wheels and pots send MIDI signals that are interpreted by the FT2000RC software. The following wheels and buttons are currently supported:

DJ2GO Controller

DJ2GO Control FT2000RC Control LED Comment
Jog Wheel A VFO A    
Jog Wheel B VFO B    
CUE A Toggle static/dynamic tuning VFO A lights red if dynamic  
CUE B Toggle static/dynamic tuning VFO B lights red if dynamic  
Pitch Bend -/+ A Increase/decrease step size VFO A    
Pitch Bend -/+ B Increase/decrease step size VFO B    
Sync A VFO A to B lights green if pressed  
Sync B VFO B to A lights green if pressed  
Cross fader Clarifier, zero at center   logarithmic scale
Play/Pause A (9)     - not supported -
Play/Pause B Toggle MOX lights green if MOX on  
Pitch A RF Gain VFO A   logarithmic scale
Pitch B RF Gain VFO B   logarithmic scale
PFL A Remote Audio Channel A lights red if on  
PFL B Remote Audio Channel B lights red if on  
Headphone knob Headphone volume    
Track Select (1)     - not supported -
Enter (2)     - not supported -
Back (3)     - not supported -
Load A (4)     - not supported -
Load B (5)     - not supported -
A Volume knob (6)     - not supported -
Master knob (7)     - not supported -
B Volume knob (8)     - not supported -

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