BV Version 7 - News

July 30, 2013

Improved BDE Installation, see Download page.

BV 7.9.2 - Apr 28, 2013

New mode added: JT9

BV 7.9.1 - Aug 8, 2010

New mode added: ROS

BV 7.9 - Feb 22, 2010

New print option: Confirm all QSOs with no QSL sent status "Y"

BV 7.8 - Jan 2, 2010

All imported QSOs after Jan 1, 2010 are imported with a wrong date. 2010 was imported as 2000. This applies to all imports.This means all BV7 versions prior to 7.8 will not work anymore and you need to update to BV 7.8!

New modes added: JT65, OLIVIA, WSPR

BV 7.7 - Apr 26, 2009

The Print Queue can now be exported as ADIF file, for example for GlobalQSL or LoTW. See "Export Print Queue to ADIF File" in the File menu or the new "Save" button in the toolbar (shortcut Ctrl+S).

The exported ADIF file can be overwritten or appended. This means "print jobs" can be repeated as often as needed, the new Print Queue entries can be appended to an existing ADIF export file.

BV exports call, date, time, band, mode, RST sent/rcvd, QSL sent/rcvd and - if available - QSO comment and QSL Manager.

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